We are an accredited training company providing both obligatory and voluntary courses, and we are also set up to handle all bureaucratic procedures regarding funding. 

Lifeanalytics training courses can ensure the safety of your product and help you protect your company from possible risks and penalties. 

Considering the continuous modifications and updates to regulations, staying up to date is fundamental for companies looking to maintain their competitive edge on the market.

Training covers both obligatory and voluntary aspects for all business areas, and is a strategic tool for constant improvement, aiding growth through the provision of pre-established standard courses and proposals for personalised training, as well as follow-up testing.

Through our training agencies, we handle all administrative and bureaucratic procedures for funding, and we are an accredited training agency for the Tuscany and Lombardy regions.

Training is an investment that offers certain long-term returns and is a means for growth that can be implemented through interprofessional funds for any subject.