Abich is a multi-site with two laboratories in Italy and one in Canada and within it has three areas of analysis such as chemical biology, analytical chemistry and microbiology.

The area of cell biology has developed numerous in vitro safety tests alternative to the use of animals, in accordance with OECD methods, using specific cell lines and advanced models such as human tissues reconstructed in vitro. The industry is also able to provide a wide range of efficacy tests to support and complete the research and development of cosmetics, medicines, medical devices, flavors, supplements, food and detergents, both with cellular and molecular techniques and with measurements of physical parameters.

The area of analytical chemistry has developed, over years of activity, specific analysis and protocols suitable for quality control of finished products and raw materials, and is also able to provide accurate analysis thanks to advanced systems such as HPLC, Ultra-HPLC, GC-MS and ICP-OES.

The microbiology area provides services related to the quantification, research and identification of specific microorganisms, as well as challenge testing, antibacterial activity assessment analysis and mutagenicity testing.

The physical testing area effectively tests to support the effectiveness of cosmetic products and medical devices or raw materials. The clinical section is dedicated to tolerability and efficacy tests on healthy volunteers for cosmetics intended for contact with skin, skin, external mucous membranes, eyes, eyelashes, hair and nails. Custom study protocols are available to support boasted claims. The strong point of Lifeanalytics Abich Italia in the field of consulting is the regulatory assistance keeping constantly updated the technical documentation of customers and partner companies.