Our mission is to support our clients, leading figures in creating a safe and therefore sustainable future. We work in close contact with our clients to implement innovative solutions that respond to the challenges of the present while also guaranteeing prosperity for future generations. 

Our aim is to build lasting relationships based on partnerships and shared success, distinguishing ourselves through our profound knowledge of the sector, our commitment to client development, and our drive to predict and innovate in the face of looming challenges. Guided by a strong sense of ethical responsibility, we are dedicated to making a difference, and committed to building a safer world.



Our vision is to be a global point of reference for clients that are looking not only for a supplier for their laboratory analysis needs, but a true partner that is able to understand, anticipate and respond to their demands with tailor-made solutions. 

Our aim is to be recognised for our commitment to developing the specific skills of our clients and guaranteeing the security of their business through laboratory analysis and consultancy and training services of the highest level, with a view to making a significant contribution to the growth and the success of our clients. We are guided by the conviction that developing personal responsibility and respect for ethics and professionalism is fundamental in making a positive impact on the world, fulfilling our role with excellence and integrity. 

We are committed to offering tangible guarantees of quality and customisation, backed up by a dedicated infrastructure and strategic geographic presence, in order to respond to local characteristics and support the development of our clients’ businesses in a proactive and innovative manner. Our goal is to have a positive influence on the sector, promoting safer and therefore sustainable development that makes a lasting mark.

Our values are:
Illustrazione di una lente di ingrandimento che mette in evidenza una persona, simbolizzando l'importanza del cliente per Lifeanalytics.
We provide support to our clients as a partner providing added value to their success. We are committed to satisfying their stated and implicit business needs.
Illustrazione di più persone unite e con gli stessi diritti che identifica il valore del Rispetto dei colleghi di Lifeanalytics
We are committed to making our working environment a place for the development of talent and opportunity. We believe that the value of a team is greater than the sum of its parts, and we foster a solid team spirit.
Un orologio combinato con uno scudo, illustrando l'efficienza e la rapidità di Lifeanalytics.
We are committed to being fast, aware that the world will not wait. We see mistakes as an opportunity for professional growth.
Una stretta di mano che rappresenta la fiducia e l'affidabilità di Lifeanalytics.
We care for things as though they were ours and are passionate about doing well.
Mani che sostengono una gemma preziosa, simbolo della competenza e del valore di Lifeanalytics.
Each collaborator is committed to developing a profound knowledge of their field, working towards the good of the recipients of their work, and towards the professional growth of their team.
Uno scudo solido che rappresenta l'autenticità e la trasparenza di Lifeanalytics.
We operate with transparency and loyalty. We express what we believe to be right, with all our passion and enthusiasm.
Una bilancia in equilibrio, simbolo dell'integrità di Lifeanalytics.
We respect the law, regulations, conventions and company rules.