Moisturisers Product Testing

Test now the cosmetic raw materials and finished products of your moisturisers with TEWL and other tests.

Do you need to substantiate the 'moisturising' claim of your cosmetic products?

Abich - Lifeanalytics provides a comprehensive testing service to meet your needs.

The claim ‘moisturising’ in a cosmetic product cannot be taken for granted. Indeed, it needs to be substantiated by specific efficacy tests.

One of the most used cosmetological studies to assess the moisturising properties of raw materials and cosmetic formulations is corneometry, a method that can indirectly assess the water content of the most superficial skin layers. This test type is suitable for obtaining a measurement of both short- and long-term moisturisation

As regards lipophilic products like oils and ‘occlusive’ products creating and/or contributing to maintaining the skin’s hydrolipidic film, an effective method to assess moisturising power is the TEWL test. This test can also allow to evaluate the level of skin integrity, providing an index of skin barrier function recovery against water loss.

In addition, there are in vitro hydration measurements of dehydrated keratinocytes with saline solutions to assess the rehydrating power of the tested product. This can also be done by analysing aquaporin expression (aquaporins are the proteins that allow water into and out of cells). Lastly, it is important to point out that, even if raw materials are effective, the moisturising power of the ingredients may vary a lot based on the formulation of the finished product.

Lifeanalytics, your safest choice in the cosmetic field

Abich – Lifeanalytics, the Group’s Competence Center for Pharma and Cosmetics industries, offers a comprehensive range of tests to substantiate the ‘moisturising’ claim of your cosmetic products, with testing protocols tailored to your needs.

Find out the full range of tests:

The clinical test is designed to be applied to finished cosmetic products according to Guidelines to Commission Regulation (EU) No 655/2013.

Test on healthy volunteers with the following instrumental measurements:

  • Corneometric measurements of the epidermal conductivity and TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) at T=0 and T=2 hours after application;
  • Measurement of the hydration levels at T=0 and T=6 hours from application at a depth of 0.5–1 mm.

Employed instruments:

  • Corneometer® CM285 (Courage-Khazaka GmbH, Germany) – Multiprobe Adapter Systems MPA® (Courage-Kkazaka).
  • Tewameter® TM300 (Courage-Khazaka GmbH, Germany- Multiprobe Adapter Systems MPA® (Courage-Kkazaka).
  • Moisture Meter EpiD – Delphin.

The in vitro test is designed to be applied to finished cosmetic products according to proprietary method.

Analysis of the expression of aquaporins through real time PCR.

The test is designed to be applied to finished cosmetic products according to proprietary method.

Evaluation of the moisturising efficacy of chemical substances or mixtures.

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