Testing for Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry

Tests for the Cosmetic Industry

Thanks to globalisation and social media, the beauty industry has boomed in the last two decades, with a vast range of new products (even for men and children). The regulatory system has adapted to the increase in demand, and the systems and tests related to cosmetic products have become stricter.

Products are increasingly complex, so potential risks are higher. Therefore, product safety and quality have become of paramount importance in order to protect end user’s health.

Raw material and finished product quality, compliance and efficacy are the main focus of an extremely competitive market, whose overall turnover amounts to 10 million dollars in Italy alone thanks to digital marketing.

Thanks to its Competence Center dedicated to the Cosmetics industry, Lifeanalytics offers a comprehensive range of tests for cosmetics. Our team of specialised experts offers a comprehensive range of efficacy and safety studies for cosmetic products, sensory testing and consumer research. Lifeanalytics guarantees the validity of the claim, the compatibility and compliance of the product to national and international standards.

Analytical, regulatory and consultancy solutions

Our Abich Lifeanalytics’ Competence Center avails itself of a team of specialised experts and offers a comprehensive range of in vitro efficacy and safety studies and in vivo clinical tests on healthy volunteers under the supervision of medical specialists.

The tests are performed in compliance with national and international guidelines, regulations and standards currently in force (ISO, Cosmetics Europe, PCPC, European Pharmacopoeia, FDA, Health Canada and Australian AS/NZS).

The Research and Development division works to develop specific tests for claim substantiation and to meet any specific need of customers. Tailored research protocols include interdisciplinary tests like, for example, percutaneous absorption studies in line with the OECD guidelines and stability studies in line with ICH regulations.

In addition, in order to provide the customer with a comprehensive service, our Competence Center offers specific consulting activities: bibliographical evaluation, clinical data analysis and toxicological assessment.

Lastly, the regulatory support keeps the customers’ and partner companies’ technical documents constantly updated (PIF and CPSR) and manages the electronic notification of the products (Regulation EC 1223/2009) and the registration to the CPNP portal.

Browse our specialised services:

  • Sunscreens
    Determination of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), Broad spectrum and HEV protection in vitro tests, evaluation of water resistance.
  • Moisturisers
    Moisturasing and deep hydration activity analyses, skin and eye irritation assays, short exposure test.
  • Detergents and hygiene products
    Skin and eye tolerability studies, evaluation of bacterial adhesion. Clinical tests on healthy volunteers.
  • Make-up
    Trace metals and preservatives analyses, skin and eye irritation studies, “no transfer” and “long lasting” efficacy tests.
  • Skin elasticity and toning products
    Collagen, Elastin and Fibronectin synthesis enhancement analyses, in vivo evaluations of skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Anti-age products
    Collagen, Elastin and Fibronectin synthesis enhancement analyses, antioxidant activity studies, in vivo tests.
  • Anti-cellulite products
    Analysis of adipolytic activity and in vivo evaluations of anti-cellulite activity through morphological variation.
  • Lenitive products
    Soothing efficacy tests on reconstructed skin, psoriasis skin models, and epithelia. In vivo evaluation of antipruritic efficacy.
  • Anti-acne products
    5-α reductase inhibition analysis, Propionibacterium acnes inhibition studies, in vivo seboregulation evaluation.
  • Haircare products
    Hair resistance to breakage analysis, protein synthesis regulation studies, in vivo restructuring efficacy tests.
  • Preservative systems
    Preservative system efficacy studies, evaluation of microbial contamination risks, in-use tests.
  • Cosmetic raw ingredients
    Skin and eye irritation analyses, in vitro sensitization studies, microbiological controls and citotoxicity tests.
  • Blemish reduction, depigmenting, tanning
    Melanogenesis modulation anayses, in vivo depigmenting and pigmenting efficacy studies.
  • Perfumes and essential oils
    Quantitative and qualitative analysis of components and allergens, spectrophotometric analysis of color, in vitro and in vivo sensitization tests
  • In vitro safety and efficacy tests
  • Dermatological efficacy and functionality tests
  • Review of claim substantiation
  • Technical consultancy and regulatory assistance
  • Sensory test
  • Stability and Period After Opening (PAO)
  • Packaging studies
  • Focus on OTC products
  • Sustainable cosmetic products
  • Auditing (GMP, HACCP, social/company/environmental audits)
  • Inspections
  • Certification programmes
  • Technical support (for example, label review, creation of PIF and CPSR technical documents)

The studies are carried out in compliance with internationally recognised guidelines and quality standards (ISO, Cosmetics Europe, PCPC, European Pharmacopoeia, and FDA).


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