Meet Lifeanalytics @In Cosmetics

Meet Abich - Lifeanalytics at In Cosmetics 2023

Come to visit us during In Cosmetics Global (28th to 30th of March) in Barcelona.
Don't miss the chance to participate to our free technical sessions

Come to visit us at In Cosmetics Global – Stand Y28 in Barcelona (28th – 30th of March), the most important event on personal care ingredients. 

As an exclusive service for this event, Abich – Lifeanalytics will offer the chance to book a free technical session with our highly skilled cosmetic technicians.

Reserve now your 30 minutes meeting on Calendly: choose the time you prefer, add your personal information, confirm and receive immediately a confirmation by email. 

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List of In Cosmetics Technical Sessions in detail: ​

Chemical and microbiological analysis, quality control and R&D

Abich – Lifeanalytics laboratories support the customer to establish the most suitable testing strategy for your cosmetic formulations: not only routine analysis, but with us you can develop methods customized to your needs.

In the microbiological field, we offer targeted advice in the following areas:

  • microbiological quality control (raw materials and finished cosmetic products and DM);
  • quick test challenge;
  • antimicrobial activity test;
  • efficacy test on disinfectants (biocides, PMC);
  • in vitro mutagenicity test (Ames test) and development test (R&D).

In the chemical field the reference themes are:

  • quality control;
  • physical chemical determinations;
  • metals;
  • pollutants;
  • percutaneous/permucosal absorption;
  • stability studies on finished products and raw materials.

Expert Technicians:  Dr Simona Baldassa Coordinator Microbiological Laboratory, Tech Support and Account Coordinator.

Clinical safety and efficacy tests

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic products it is necessary to submit them to appropriate tests in accordance with national and international guidelines and regulations, as well as to support the most innovative and competitive claims on the market.

With Abich – Lifeanalytics you will be able to know and understand which analyses to perform on your cosmetic products within a wide range of tests:

  • patch test for repeated insult and sensitive skin;
  • Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT);
  • tests to assess the tolerability of cosmetic products (dermatological, ophthalmological and gynecological);
  • tests on solar products: long lasting SPF test, wet skin test, water, sand and sweat resistance test, persistence test (according to COLIPA 2006/ISO 24444: 2010, FDA vol. 76 no. 117 of 17 June 2011, SPF UVA PPD, ISO 24442:2011, Australian method AS/NZS 2604:2012);
  • photo-patch test.

Expert Technician: Dr Agnes Malartre – Tech Support Foreign Clinical Studies

In vitro testing of human cells and tissues

The Abich – Lifeanalytics cell biology laboratory performs safety and efficacy tests, alternative to the use of animals, using specific cell lines and human tissues reconstituted in vitro on cosmetics, raw materials and medical devices.

Among the new tests in BPL security you will learn about:

  • eye irritation according to OECD 492b;
  • medical device irritation according to ISO 10993-23;
  • RHE skin sensitisation test IL 18.

Among the effectiveness tests you can learn more with us:

  • hydration test on reconstituted epidermis;
  • anti-radical activity on keratinocytes following UV stress;
  • evaluation of apoptosis and/or cell necrosis in adipocytes;
  • evaluation of inhibition of expression of KLK5, KLK7, LL-37, VDR genes in keratinocytes (rosacea, inflammation);
  • rational for percutaneous absorption testing;
  • mucoadhesion test.

Technical Experts: Dott.ssa Elena Allifranchini Tech support in vitro test and Director of Study for BPL tests

Advice and regulatory assistance

To provide the customer with a complete service, the Abich – Lifeanalytics Laboratory offers a specific consultancy and comprehensive regulatory assistance activity.

In particular:

  • biological assessments according to ISO 10993-1 and testing strategy;
  • technical files;
  • gap analysis for the transition between Directive 93/42/EEC and the new Regulation 745/2017 (MDR);
  • clinical evaluations;
  • support to companies for the transition to MDR;
  • BIP, CPSR and CPNP.

Expert Technician: Dott.ssa Paola Perelli – Regulatory Coordinator Cosmetics and Medical Devices

Useful information for In Cosmetics technical sessions

Our free technical sessions consist in a 30 minutes meeting that will take place between 28th and 30th of March on our Stand (Y28) at In Cosmetics.

Check availability on Calendly. 


One on one meeting are a chance to focus on topics you want to explore with a cosmetic technician. 

We advice you to write about your company and about which aspects you want to focus on in the Calendly form. 

You can reserve your technical session only on Calendly following this steps: 

  1. click on the time and date you prefer 
  2. fill in the form with the requested information
  3. confirm the reservation

Your request is fine only if you receive a confirmation email (sometimes the confirmation goes in spam folder)

For troubleshooting, please email us at

To every customer and potential lead. We do not accept job application for open positions on the stand. 

Technical sessions will last 30 minutes each.

If you book multiple sessions you need to consider the duration of 30 minutes for each session. 

Of course! There is a limited number of sessions, we advise you to check your availability before confirming it and book it/them as soon as possible. 

The technical sessions are free of charge!